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exam prepVirginia real estate examVirginia Real Estate Books and Software

Books and Software for reference when taking the Virginia license course, for exam review and for general reference

NOTE: Books are either National (general real estate) OR Virginia specific.

These books and software are provided by Dearborn Publishing, the national leader in real estate educational materials. They can be used while taking the VA real estate license course. They can be used for studying to take the Virginia real estate agent exam. They are also useful for Virginia real estate agents who want quality reference books on Virginia real estate law and regulations.

BOOKS: You may buy these books here online. We also have some of these books available for review or purchase at our office at 11890 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20191.The national portion books are great for overall real estate law. The Virginia specific books are especially helpful due to state specific rules and regulations, but they also cover much national real estate law.
Can these be used while taking the onlne course? Yes. They are not required, but many people use the books since they cover a good deal of the material covered in the online course. Note they are not required, nor is time spent studying the books counted toward the required course time. These books are published by Dearborn Real Estate Education, the same company that provides the REcampus online Virgnia real estate license course that we sell.

Virginia real estate practice and law exam prepVirginia Reference Book - Virginia Real Estate Practice and Law - This is a great reference book for use while taking the Virginia license course. In addition, it is useful for exam prep and general reference.  It has a table of contents, full index and many multiple choice questions and answers.  You can look things up quickly and easily.  It covers Virginia real estate law (which also includes basic, national real estate common law). Not required for the course, but very helpful and highly recommended. 204 pages.  $29.03 Order book
Note: This book is also useful after you get your license. The index is really nice to have for study and reference. The chapters are very easy to read, yet thorough.
VA real estate exam prep Virginia Real Estate Exam Prep: Virginia Real Estate Exam Prep - Over 200 state specific questions and answers. This book will help you study for and pass the Virginia real estate exam for your real estate license. Helpful since Virginia rules are specific. $22.72
Note: The state portion of the exam is more specific than the national portion, so the questions in this book can really provide an edge when taking the Virginia state exam. This book only has questions and answers (For a book with table of contents, chapters and glossary, refer to the other book called Va Practice and Law).
Exam Prep PSI National portion of Virginia PSI exam: Guide To Passing The PSI Real Estate Exam, 7th Edition (2015) - This is the most comprehensive book available to help you prepare for the national portion of the PSI Real Estate Exam, with answers and page references included for over 800 questions and answers. $35.57. The PSI exam has 80 national questions (plus some random extra). So this national exam prep covers a lot of material. Very helpful.
Real Estate Principles book Mastering Real Estate Principles - 5th Edition Update. $48.49

  • Chapter Notes that provide additional information to enhance student understanding of topics
  • This book is national, NOT geared to Virginia specific questions.
Real Estate Practice exam prepModern Real Estate Practice - This large book is a very comprehensive reference book for real estate. It is national, not covering Virginia specific real estate laws. There are 23 chapters, a large index, table of contents, question and answers. (577 pages) $56.58 Order book
Guide to Real Estate exam prepStudy Guide for Modern Real Estate Practice - This is a condensed version of the above book . It is national, not covering Virginia specific real estate laws. There are 22 chapters, a large index, table of contents, question and answers. (241 pages) $22.46 Order book

Supplemental Products for Real Estate Exam Prep and Education:

cdaudioLanguage of Real Estate, 6th Edition - For learning anywhere, use these to learn definitions of important real estate terms with examples and explanations. A great way for real estate school students to learn in their spare time or on the go. Helpful for exam preparation and real estate education..
cdaudioAudio CDs & Pocket Guide | exam prepTexbook & Pocket Guide | cdaudioexam prepAudio CDs, Text Book & Pocket Guide
Note: These are not specifically about Virginia law, but really nice for in the car or during travel..

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